Ryan Dobbs

Welcome! I’m Ryan Dobbs. I'm a web applications developer and am passionate about web related technologies. (And dancing! But that’s for another site.) I work with a variety of front end languages and markup -- JavaScript, HTML and CSS -- and back end languages and technologies -- PHP, SQL, the LAMP stack and Ubuntu Server. I recently dove into Node.JS and Angular -- because JavaScript is just cool, and these technologies continue to impact the evolution of web based application development. So it's important to be learning and evolving along with them. Plus, it's all fun stuff to play around with!

I’m freelance and enjoy developing and implementing my clients’ visions for browser based applications to help tackle their business related challenges. In a Charlie Rose interview a few year’s back, I remember Jack Dorsey saying that his goal as a programmer was to simplify complexity. In two words, he had captured what it was that I enjoyed so much about the challenge of programming. "Simplify complexity" has been my mantra ever since.

When not coding, dancing or doing construction projects with my dad. I also work in health care billing and IT. Out of undergrad and before Guatemala with the Peace Corps, I worked as an underwriter for Aetna. Over the years, I’ve never seemed to have gotten away from the health care industry. But that’s okay. It affects all of us pretty much on a daily basis these days. Besides being interesting, exciting and full potential, it continues to be ridiculously and unnecessarily complex, disjointed and inefficient. These things are motivating and inspiring and are what keep those of us interested enough -- or crazy enough -- to attempt to make a contribution very busy for a very long time. It's the ultimate challenge of simplifying complexity. And we will get there. In the meantime, as many organizations -- public and private, large and small -- toil away, I too am working on an application prototype whose simple ambition is to fill in the gaps between the applications I use in revenue cycle management -- from claims to payments -- in order to make my day to day easier. It's an effort in making one small contribution now and seeing where it leads in the future.

I got my start in programming during graduate school working with Visual Basic for a financial modeling project. At the time my father owned a nursing home facility for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. As a programming hobbyist, he had developed a slick approach to scheduling nurses and nursing assistants that allowed us to staff more efficiently to our optimal levels. The results were savings in both time and money and better care for our residents. In hindsight, it was a perfect example of creating an application for the sole purpose of simplifying a task that was complex as well as both tedious and inefficient. Taking his approach to scheduling to the cloud was my introduction to the World Wide Web and all of its potential. And I haven’t looked back. The future of web applications is too exciting not to participate. If you’d like to work with me as a consultant, developer or collaborator, feel free to get in touch.

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And I had to fit in dancing. Don't judge. I'm still (always) learning.


Ryan Dobbs